Doctor in Bellandur, Bangalore

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Published: 19th January 2011
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There are a number of medical facilities in this locality where you can find a Doctor in Bellandur Bangalore. This area is named after the largest lake in Bangalore and covers 950 acres. Formerly the lake was used for a number of recreational activities but has since become badly polluted from the large amounts of sewage being drained into it. Efforts are being made to clean up the lake now.

There are several reasons that you might want to find a physician in Bengaluru, and there are a number of doctors to choose from. Before you choose you might consider some of your needs.

Professional and knowledgeable staff: it is important to choose a physician who has understanding and knowledge about your particular problem. You might have to seek out a specialist to get the treatment you need. At the same time you want a Doctor in Bellandur to be understanding and give you the care you need and deserve.

Open 24/7: it is very important that you can be seen anytime because you never know when you or your family can have an emergency. A facility that is open all day, everyday is very convenient. Sometimes due to work you cannot get to see the doctor in the week days and have to rely on week end appointments.

Best technology and diagnostic tools: In order to get the best treatment you will need to find a facility where doctors have access to the best diagnostic tools available. For this reason it is wise to check out the facility when you are looking for a Doctor in Bellandur Bangalore.

In house lab and radiology: You do not want to go to different facilities when the physician orders lab work or an x-ray for you. When you do this you not only waste time but it delays your results and ultimately your treatment.

Full service: You will want to find a place that offers all the services you might need. You never know when you might need certain services in an emergency situation.

Genesis hospital is located near to this area. They offer a wide variety of services and have top quality doctors with the latest technology and diagnostic tools. There are fully equipped major and minor operation theatres. They have some special services like a consultation service. This means that you can just make an appointment and have a consultation with a Doctor in Bellandur. This will help you to get to know your physician and have a good relationship with them. Genesis also has a full range of specialists including pediatrician, gynecologist, cardiologist, radiologist, urologist, orthopedic doctor, ent specialist and surgeons. Genesis hospital is managed by Dr. Ashok M Patil who has 31 years of experienced in India and abroad.

For consultations or appointments at the hospital please call: 984 554 3015

For more details visit: Doctor in Bellandur

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